November 17, 2020

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  • We started our work together this morning on time which is always surprising. After all of our reading, we started in everyone's other school work. Whitman worked with me first, and then he went to town on his own school work. Somehow when I planned his school work, he has an easy day and a hard day. Today was an easy day for him so it was also an easy day for me.
  • Reagan even zoomed through her school today. She had her classes on zoom today so her load was a little bit lighter as well. Though she had to sit in front of the screen for a good little bit-but she was eating a chicken pot pie so that probably helped.
  • After school today, there was the afternoon Bible study work plus the afternoon bike ride. Today Whitman only stopped 4 times. I then took a walk on the treadmill with the main purpose of watching a Hallmark movie. I was distracted during my movie last night, but today's movie was perfect even though it involved a princess.
  • When I was done with that, I loaded myself in the car and went to Walmart. I had a few gifts to buy or at least a few gifts to look for. I didn't really fill my buggy, but I did fill up a few bags. Then I ran to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things on my list. Afterwards, I scurried home to find Robby and Campbell working on leaves.
  • The leaves seem to be never ending around here. We have managed them pretty well so far, and Robby has the front yard looking nice. I helped with their last load of leaves before we went in to get ready for supper.
  • Campbell made mac and cheese and I made ham and cheese croissants. After we all ate, the kids started migrating through the showers. To end the evening, we played a game of Pictionary Air with most everyone. 

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