November 22, 2020-Cane Creek State Park

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What a fun day this has been! We started this morning like all trip mornings-by waking up a bit earlier than usual. There was plenty to do around the house even though we even did the laundry last night. While I was taking my shower, Robby was taking a last load of stuff to the camper including the ice maker-that silly thing is pretty much invaluable at our house. Then I took my loads to the camper while he was finishing getting ready.

Soon everyone was ready, except Reagan who continues to quarantine. We headed to church today-since Sunday school was cancelled this week, we had to go to church a bit earlier. I certainly do enjoy church-and honestly, I don't mind too much that Sunday school is cancelled, but I sure don't want to miss out on any more church.

Once church was over, we headed to Grannmyom's house for lunch. While it was finishing, my crew had the best time playing charades. It was an app on the phones which they have played before, but since it had been a long while everyone really enjoyed it.

Soon Dana and her crew arrived and the food was ready. We ate our chili along with pecan pie which is one of my favorite desserts. Then after a bit, we headed out to finish a few last minute things before hitting the road. 

Right now, we probably would feel a tiny bit concerned checking into a hotel, but we sure don't give pulling out in this camper a second thought at all. We have been loving every single minute of it-this actually will be our 20 and 21st nights in the camper. 

And since we are also on a quest to see all 52 Arkansas State parks, Cane Creek is number 4 for us. It took us about an hour and a half to reach the state park. There was nothing better to Robby than hearing the lady who checked him in tell him that we had the best site. 

In the parking lot after checking in, we unhooked the car which was easy peasy. I then followed Robby to the site. The site was super long, but after a bit of maneuvering, Robby was able to back in the whole way without unhooking the trailer. 

We did say later that unhooking the trailer isn't that big of a deal, and we could have easily done it. However, whenever Robby got a bit off track with the car dolly, and it started going the wrong direction, Anderson and I would scoot that dolly back in the direction we needed it to go. Now that car dolly isn't light at all! 

Our spot is pretty perfect. The camping loop isn't too big at all and our site is a nice one. We look right out onto the lake, and there is plenty of room to spread out. And another thing that we have learned which is good for campsites-it is flat.

Now the weather wasn't as good as the site! It was windy and cold. The kids played some and of course rode their bikes while we hooked up the camper and got settled. We didn't put up our tent or lights because of the wind and didn't drag out all of the chairs because of the cold, but still setting up just takes some time. 

Once everything was done, most everyone joined us on a walk around the loop. We did find the start of the 16 mile bike trail around the lake along with a walking trail that we plan on doing tomorrow. On our walk, the weather was perfect-we were away from the wind. 

Campbell and Anderson rode their bikes on our walk and even went exploring for a little bit longer when we headed back to the site. Soon we were all huddled into the camper keeping warm. It was already getting dark and without lights or a fire and with icy wind, the camper was the place for the evening instead of outside.

At first I was a bit chilly in the camper, but once we cooked our spaghetti and baked our bread, this placed heated up quickly. Now we have a heater that works crazy well, but Robby also has two space heaters that he plugged in late tonight. The camper heater does use propane which costs while the space heaters use the campsite electricity. Which ever we use is fine with me as long as I stay warm-and warm we will stay. The thermometers right now read that it is 48 outside, 69 in the front of the camper, and 73 in the back where I am. Our little heater is on right now, and we will have to turn it off soon because it is getting toasty back here. That is fine though because this part is usually a bit chillier than the front.

Back to the evening. I played a few rounds of Uno with Keaton and Whitman. Then we worked on the spaghetti. Cooking in a camper is just something else-kind of like cooking in a doll house. There is just so little space-it all works out fine but it does take a little bit longer because to move one thing, you have to move something else. 

The spaghetti must have been good to all of us because we didn't have many leftovers. Now, I will say that it doesn't take long at all to clean the kitchen after a meal-especially when we use paper dishes. After we ate, there were a few football games on that the boys watched the ends of. Graham, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I played 5 Crowns which is a new card games of Grahams. I really enjoyed playing it-really, I enjoy being right there with all of my people so nearby.

We did pass out ice cream for a snack tonight. I do believe that we pretty much demolished a half gallon-it is a good thing that Keaton doesn't like ice cream and is happy with a popsicle or we might just not have enough ice cream for everyone.

Around 10, we started making beds and finding spots for everyone. The kids had a bit of ipad time before it was finally time for bed. I worked on the blog and then started on a book. We will see if I actually finish it-I am more of a book starter than a book finisher.

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