November 1, 2020

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  • Even though we had an extra hour of sleep last night, Whitman was in our room asking about milk. I told him that I would get him some in a few minutes, and it was about 90 minutes later when I did try to get him some milk. Unfortunately, we were completely out of milk this morning (and tomorrow too since we didn't get any today.)
  • I don't know if everyone else was having to rush around this morning, but I sure was. I just had about 30 minutes left when I got in the shower. That would have been plenty of time to not have to scurry, but Reagan then asked if I could braid her hair. She likes me to do two dutch braids-I am just now feeling comfortable with French braiding and dutch braiding is the complete opposite.  I was able to get it done though and climb into the car with dry hair myself so this morning was a win.
  • We had a few less kiddos in our class today so it went pretty quick. Then we headed to big church for a little bit. We stayed until it was time for the preaching and then all 8 of us snuck out-I know, I know it is super difficult for 8 people to sneak out of the church house! Hopefully, we did it quietly at least.
  • They were having a fundraiser out back selling tamales and papousas. Then we headed to Nonna and Pops' house to eat a quick bite of lunch. We ate our Mexican plus Nonna's sandwiches before Robby, Reagan and I headed to her soccer game.
  • The kids all stayed at Nonna's house. They went on a walk, played outside and even made some cookies while we were gone to Sheridan for the afternoon. 
  • Reagan's game was super good today. Her team did lose, but I thought they did really well. I will say that we had the best seats we have ever had for a game-in the car! We were able to see the game perfectly from our warm and cozy seats. 
  • We hurried home and I dropped off Reagan and Robby at home before picking up the kids. At home, I rushed around trying to accomplish a few things for tomorrow. Then I did end upstairs helping Reagan with her essay. I do believe that she is halfway finished so that is good.
  • While she was at home working, the rest of us ran to the Wilson's house to eat some of their leftovers. We stuck around a little bit watching and game, chatting and making plans for the week. When we did come home, everyone headed to bed a few minutes earlier than usual because they were tired-or I was tired!

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