September 10, 2022

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  • This morning was an early morning-for Robby, Campbell and Graham who were heading to the football game in Fayetteville. They left the house at 6 so they were stirring well before that. I did get up briefly but figured that Robby had it all under control, so I let Bentley out and went back to the bed.
  • They left, and I had about 20 more minutes in bed before I did get up and start getting ready for the morning. I did struggle a bit trying to figure out exactly who was here-Graham and Campell were gone, I knew that. I also knew that Keaton had spent the night at a friends, so it was just Anderson, Reagan and Whitman. However, that just seemed like too few people so I kept questions myself to double check that I was leaving anyone here.
  • We zoomed on the Raymar at 7 this morning. Anderson went to work while Reagan, Whitman and I stayed in the car. I read some until it was time for us to get the concession stand ready. Reagan and Keaton helped and soon things were back in order after a summer of not being used.
  • Anderson had to ref both football games today while Keaton and Reagan stayed busy in the concession stand for sure. There were quite a few folks there. Thankfully the rain held off. and the weather was decent so we did enjoy the morning.
  • Well, Reagan and I weren't there exactly the whole morning. We did sneak off to Starbucks to buy a drink. She bought an iced coffee, I got a hot chocolate while we bought a strawberry drink for Keaton. Whitman didn't really care about a drink so he just grabbed his drink when he came home.
  • September Subway Sandwich Count: 10. I had half of the sandwich today. I thought about giving my half to Anderson but he still had some ChickFIlA left. Reagan ate my other half so I do believe that most of Dennies have had a Subway so far.except for Whitman,
  • When we came home, there was some basketball playing, cookie making, reading, quilt preparing, school working and lots of football watching. 
  • Meanwhile, the others cheered the Hogs on the victory. Robby and Campbell were sitting in the nose bleed section. This could be a bad thing, but they had a decent breeze which helped. After the game, they did stop and grilled hamburers on the way home. 
  • This evening has been mostly filled with people taking showers so we could get ready for tomorrow.

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