September 4, 2022

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  • I have talked before about nothing being worse in the mornings than finding that the dishwasher hasn't been run. Today, we did top that by the clothes in the dryer not being dry. I think that when Robby put them in the dryer last night, he just pushed the last button which was just for 10 minutes instead of a whole drive.
  • Robby did wake up at 5 this morning to work on our Disney dining reservations. He was able to snag us the two meals that we wanted. I told him to wake me up this morning, but I guess he figured I was more help when I was asleep so I slept through all of the texting and reservation making happening in the middle of the night with the Hobbs.
  • We did church this morning, and then headed to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. Robby, Campbell and I weren't able to stay too long becuase we had to take Cambpell to a birthday party in Cabot. She had been excited to go even though it was a bit far away-and she was also anxious to be able to make it back to church tonight.
  • So while she was partying, Robby and I hung out in Cabot. There isn't a whole lot to do in Cabot-we went to Walmart (and for real this is the first time in a while that I can say that I am officially tired of Walmart-we couldn't even walk around in it for 45 minutes), then Starbucks and Dollar Tree. By then it was time to pick up Campbell and rush her to church.
  • September Subway Sandwich count: 4-On our way home from dropping Campbell off at church, Robby did pick up a sandwich for himself for tomorrow. It is now in the fridge awating tomorrow's lunch.
  • When we left Nonna's house, the rest of the kids stayed at Nonna and Pop's for a little bit longer. Then they came home for a lazy Sunday afternoon until Anderson and Graham left for church this evening.
  • When we did make it back home finally, I worked on my list for a little bit before we went to the Wilson's house for supper. Everyone met back up there, and we stayed late watching some football while the kids were playing games. Once we came home, I ushered the kids to bed even though they can stay up late tonight since tomorrow is a holiday!

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