September 3, 2022

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  • We slept late this morning, but when Robby and I finally decided to wake up, we did move pretty quickly. Dog, dishes and laundry were all quickly done, and we were soon climbing into the car.
  • There was gas for both cars then stops at Walmart and Sams. We didn't really need anything but loaded up anyways. 
  • September Subway Sandwich Count: 3. Anderson was the winner of the sandwich today in the family. His menu choice was chicken terriyaki. 
  • Robby ran to Dollar General on the way home and then to take care of one dog, while I ran by the house on the way home to pick up the little girls so we could go and take care of another set of dogs. 
  • Once at home, Keaton and I worked on the quilt a little bit. I also spent a good deal of time this morning watching videos about our next steps-I'm about to be a bit panicked about our next steps. Nah, not really worried, but we will figure it out.
  • Then it was time for the Hogs to play some football-I did my best to take a nap and did snooze for a little bit. That didn't really help the score much, but maybe it was Keaton's brownies that she made that helped them pull out the win.
  • Soon everyone was making their suppers-hoagie sandwiches. Then we all went our different ways-well, Reagan had left earlier to go skating and out to eat with her friends. The rest of us went to the movies which was certainly a happening place for sure tonight. 
  • Anderson and Graham went to see Jaws while the rest of us went to see Gigi and Nate. Our movie was good but a little bit slow while the boys said theirs was pretty violent. 
  • After the movie was over, it was time to come home and have everyone run through the showers. And now it is most certainly bedtime!

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