September 28, 2022-Weekdays in Maumelle Park

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Well, we certainly slept well last night. We all slept until almost 10 this morning which was wonderful. After sleeping so well, we came outside to Tony cooking pancakes. He made two different brands of pancakes. 

We had all heard rave reviews about the Kodiak pancake brand. The person we saw on tv even added oatmeal to the pancakes which is something that I might want to try one day. However. these pancakes were like eating healthy bread-think about the wheatiest, grainiest piece of bread possible-and that was the first batch of pancakes.

The other brand was like eating the fluffiest, whitest bread imaginable. There was definitely a winner in the pancake brand taste tast this mroning.

After a bit of sitting around, Keaton couldn't get Campbell or Whitman to go with her to find the last geocache so I volunteered. I rode Campbell's bike (I need a much bigger seat if I am to ever get my own bike.) 

We probably rode about a mile total. I am also going to need a lot of time in the gym before I become a bike rider who rides often-this place is surprisingly hilly when you are on a bike. We quickly found the area that the geocache should be in, but it took us forever to find it. Finally, just as we were about to give up, Keaton spotted it.

This afternoon was full of nothingness, and it was wonderful. Robby did make nachos for our late lunch. Then around 4, we headed home to pick up the boys to take them to church and throw in a load of clothes. Reagan went to soccer practice tonight instead of church. 

On the way we ran to the library before church. As soon as church was finished, we dropped the boys off at the house and then went back to the campsite. Robby is trying to figure out how we can just live out here. 

Tony had supper for us when we did make it back tonight. We ate and then went on a power walk before calling it a night. It was chilly tonight and a bit windy-but oh, it is so cozy in this camper. The girls are in their beds watching Duck Dynasty and Robby and I just finished a bit of brownie. A shower for me and some reading are next on the list. 

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