September 23. 2022-September Branson

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  • I was sleeping so well last night, that when I went to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I didn't even care what time it was. The plan had been for us to meet more friends up here this morning, but they were a bit under the weather and weren't able to make it.
  • That didn't change anything that we had intended to do though. Robby left early this morning to go and pick up some cinnamon rolls for our breakfast. They are big and delicious and nearby. Can't go wrong with any of those for sure. Most people just had a half, but I had a whole one-and didn't regret it one bit.
  • We had a leisurely morning, and left for the park the same time as the Fergusons. The crowds were fairly light today though the first Time Travler ride took about 30 minutes for everyone. The kids don't mind waiting, and really that wasn't a super long time (though tonight they were able to just walk right on the same ride.)
  • I could go through and tell you about every single thing that we did today-but here is all is in a nutshell: they did it all. The kids were able to ride everything that wanted and had a great time. 
  • Robby and I also had a great time today becuase we ejoyed using our tasting passports. For 25 each, Robby received 2 cards which allow for you to try 5 different items from their fall menus.
  • There are things to try at most every single place. However, most of those delightful things have pumpkin in them. I do like some pumpkin, but I am not a pumpkin fanatic so we aren't sure about them. Today's selections included;
    • Cashew chicken in a waffle cone
    • Mac and cheese with sausage
    • BBQ sandwich with pumpkin infused bbq sauce
    • Harvest skillet meal
  • They were all really good. We tried to purchase sweet potatoe chips at the end of the day, but they were all out. There is also some pumpkin chili that I plan on getting tomorrow (I'm currently obsessed with pumpkin chili though I have never had it-next week, I will be making my own batch of it.)
  • We came back to the camper around 3 today. We visited with the Fergies, the kids played some, and we even all rested for a little bit as well. Then by 6, we were headed back to the park. When we made it back this time, the crowds seemed to be more, but there was no one on the rides. The kids were able to walk on pretty much every ride without any wait. 
  • We again walked through the pumpkin area tonight. I continue to be amazed by these pumpkins. Today we even saw the pumpkin carver man and listened to him talk for a little bit. I did learn that you are supposed to cut the whole in the bottom of the pumpkin. 
  • After pumpkins and rides, it was time for us to head back to the camper. It is just after 11 now and people have just finished all of their showers. I'm next for the shower, and then I am going to read my book.

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