September 9, 2022

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  • This morning was fun for Whitman, well, actually this whole day has been fun for him. He started off the morning by going to the zoo with Eli and his family. Whitman said that he was most excited about seeing a parakeet. I'm not really sure if our zoo had parakeets; I forgot to ask.
  • I think that he was pretty excited about getting take a packed lunch to the zoo. There aren't many times that a homeschool kiddo gets to take a packed lunch anywhere so it is always a treat. His favorite animal was most definily the goats. He said that they were so cute, and he even asked for a goat. I guess Robby would like it if we did get a goat since it might cut down on his lawnmowing.
  • This evening Whitman was able to go with most of us over to see Owen. We all ate pizza there along with ice cream while the adults did some Disney planning. Actually, we chatted more than we Disney planned. The kids had a blast playing and watching some Disney ride videos. They had so much fun that Keaton spent the night.
  • The rest of the day was filled as well. Graham, Keaton and I went to Nonna's house to do some ironing of Keaton's quilt. I am not so patiently waiting for the batting to arrive so we can get started on the thing. We ran to the library as well before coming home.
  • September Subway Sandwich Count: 9. Cambpell was going to go with us to Nonna's house but she opted to stay home and wait on Robby to deliver her sandwich. I hear that I might get at least half of the sandwich tomorrow-we shall see though.
  • There was some school that happened today, and Reagan even went to work as well. She is getting back in the groove of working. This was a slower Friday than usual around here. I even had a nap-which reminds me it is about time to lay down right now. The first bus pulls out at 6 in the morning and the second bus at 7.

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