September 17, 2022

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  •  I think that Saturday may be on of the favorite days around here. Maybe not so much my favorite day, but I think that Reagan, Keaton and Anderson really do enjoy them. I left first this morning with Anderson and Keaton. He had to be there early to set the fields up while Keaton just wanted to go along for the ride.
  • We had time to run one quick errand after dropping Anderson off. Then we sat in the car for a bit before setting up the concession stand. Robby brought the next bus with Reagan and Campbell. They made a stop or two before arriving-Starbucks and ChickFilA
  • Reagan enjoys being out at the fields, Campbell enjoyed all of the action today, Keaton loves working in the concession stand while I think that Anderson does like working and reffing the games.
  • Football is over at a decent time so we still did feel like we had some of the afternoon at home. I helped Graham with one of his school things-somehow he forgot to do much of any school at all on Friday. I'm not too sure how that happened, but he is now caught up. Anderson still owes me one thing from last week though.
  • After working wtih him, I did manage to take a nap this afternoon for a little bit. Then I woke up and did some quilting-its happening, but it is taking me forever. Again, I am in no way a quilter and hopefully, Keaton will never show this quilt to anyone that can sew!
  • Soon I was leaving with Reagan for her soccer game. Today's game was in Greenbriar. Last year the referees called all of the calls for our team, and their people were mad. This year, the refs switched and called all of the calls for their team, and our people were mad. Ha! It did make it an intereting game for sure.
  • Reagan's team did lose 1-2, but But Reagan really enjoys playing, and the weather tonight was perfect for watching a soccer game. I even had to wear my jacket. On the way home, she wanted Subway, but since it was closed, we ended up buying a subway like sandwich from Walmart on the way home. (Not sure but I do think that Robby did get his September Subway Sandwich today which would bring the count up to 16.)
  • While we were gone, Robby and the kids went to the Wilsons to eat their leftover party food and watch the ballgame. They watched the whole game over there before coming home. Whitman, like always, did ask if they could have ice cream when they came home even though they had already had dessert. That boy asks us about snacks every 10-15 minutes-I think that he sets a timer to remind him to ask us.
  • Most people have had showers, and everyone but Reagan is in bed-she is heating up her sandwich (its nearly 11). I did have a biscuit with jelly on it-I had made myself two, but I guess Bentley thought that I was holding her treat as I was talking, and she gobbled it up. I took that as a sign that one biscuit was enough.

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