September 14, 2022

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  • Whitman was the first one awake this morning, but Keaton was not too far behind him. Keaton woke up early to start on her school work. She often does most of her school work at night before bed, but then what is left she tries to finish up before the rest of school starts. 
  • I worked with the big 3 this morning first. Reagan then worked with me on some math. I think that her college algebra class will certainly help with her ACT.
  • Before too long, Reagan headed off to work, and Robby headed to get Whitman his first Subway sandwich. September Subway Sandwich Count: 13. Whitman did have a pizza sandwich. I tried a bite, and it was pretty spicy. He liked it though and finished his meal off.
  • Soon Robby left with Anderson and Graham to get their hair cut. It was time for the boys for sure. I think that I need to be the next one for a hair cut for sure.
  • I had intended to walk on the treadmill today, but I ended up working on the quilt and even doing some Christmas present work. I have a few things that are on my list, but I just don't seem to be marking off at all. Maybe next week or next month,
  • We had church this evening. The kids had a scavenger hunt around the church house. It was pretty fun, but we didn't even finish! 
  • Also ate church tonight, Keaton did tech for us. She went through those slides like a pro. We sang quite a few songs tonight so she was busy the entire time. I think that she certainly enjoyed it.
  • After church, Robby was the short order cook for our suppers while I tried to work on the blog. We had quite a few different items for supper, but I think that everyone was satisfied by the end of our meals. 
  • Next up we had a few minutes of downtime before it was time to start the bedtime routine.

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