September 21, 2022

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  • Once again I climbed out of bed when the alarm went off (well, the second alarm), so I even had an extra few minutes this morning before having to start the school day. Robby went with me on my walk again which was nice-he didn't even have to make the neighborhood dog go home.
  • They continued their walk while I came in to start waking up the kiddos. My list was long and I used a few extra minutes this morning to do a few things off of it. No, I didn't get everything marked off today-that silly Disney quilt will have to wait until October.
  • School went pretty well today. The little 3 are still working hard at marking things off of their lists. Anderson and Graham worked better on this Wednesday since the know they don't really have their Friday to work on school things.
  • We had an orthodontist appointment today. They made a big deal about wanting to talk to a parent because of one of Campbell's teeth. (She has one baby tooth or maybe it is a permanent tooth that is a baby tooth.) We were a bit stressed trying to figure out what this meant ($). 
  • However, they just told me to talk to our dentist who will fix it when the time comes. None of this was really new information to me-our dentit had given us all of the options for her tooth before we started braces so this was not surprising. And even though we have had good experiences with our othodontist so far, we trust our dentist.
  • We then ran a few errands on the way home. Then Robby took Graham to church early for his Dgroup. Soon Reagan was home from work, and the rest of us went to church. After church, both cars met back up at the gas station before my car went to Target.
  • Keaton had a gift card and bought a notebook and pens, Campbell had a gift card and bought candy for her and her siblings (some got a whole bag of candy and others had to share a bag), and Reagan bought a poster (I think of a singer). 
  • Oh, and by the time that we left, Anderson had found a Lego set that he wanted but that Target didn't have. He actually came home and bought 2-one for him and one to resell later. This week he has made about 300 dollars selling his little Lego men. 
  • When we did make it home from our shopping, Robby had pizza ready to eat. He was working on loading the car while Graham was upstairs packing his clothes (the last to pack). After eating, there was a bit of scurrying around trying to mark a few more things off of the list before it was finally bedtime.

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