September 13, 2022-Happy 11th Birthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • The last two days it has been a little bit chilly on my morning walks with Bentley. I have probably moved a bit quicker than normal. Yesterday, I was trying to move quicker so I could avoid the neighbor's dog that follows me on my walk. Today, I was trying to move quicker than normal so I could get away from the neighbor's dog. It does make me a little bit crazy when the other dog joins us-I am a one dog woman.
  • School today started out with working with the little 3. That is still my favorite part-even though I now realize that I will not be able to finish our history book this year. Oh, who knows it is still early. We are flying through our science book so that is a good thing. 
  • Soon the big 3 left for Comm Central for the day. Reagan had a mock trial that she enjoyed getting to participate in. Anderson said he was bored out of his mind in his class. And Graham has quite a bit of biology work to do over the next few days. 
  • September Subway Sandwich Count: 12 Robby picked one up for the boys to split when he picked them up from school today.
  • On the way home, Robby dropped Anderson off at Raymar so he could paint the fields. He finished a bit earlier than we had anticipated so he had to wait a few minutes for Reagan to come and pick him up when her class was over. He didn't mind waiting for a bit thankfully.
  • As soon as they made it home, I left with all of the girls to go back to the church house. This time we picked up some of Keaton's friends to celebrate her upcoming birthday. After filling the decorated van up with friends, we headed to the bowling alley. 
  • Campbell and Keaton had worked all day yesterday and today getting things ready for the party. The van was decorated including streamers, twirly things, balloons, and even a "Honk, it's my birthday" sign on the back of the van. Keaton even had games to play while we were driving (Bingo and Who Knows the Birthday Girl the Best) along with prizes.
  • The girls all bowled. Reagan and Campbell did pretty decent. Reagan had one of the higher scores. Campbell had probably the best form. Keaton was one of the super low scorers the first game, but then she ended up winning the second game.
  • After bowling, we headed back to the house where Robby had supper waiting on us (pasta and spaghetti sauce, green beans and corn). The girls ate and then opened presents. 
  • Once presents were opened, it was time to head to the last activity. Menchies! Keaton was so excited to do all of these birthday things. (And I was so excited that bowling and menchies have good deals on Tuesdays which is why this birthday party was on a Tuesday.)
  • The girls certainly filled their cups up at Menchies. We had candles for Keaton to blow out which she might have been a bit embarrased about, but she did it anyway. When everyone had finished their ice cream, we starte dropping all of the girls off. 
  • While we had been eating ice cream, the boys were all at home getting some ice cream for themselves. Then we dropped off our girls and picked up Bentley to go to the Wilson's for a little bit of ice cream over there. 

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