September 29, 2022-Weekdays at Maumelle

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Another day at Maumelle Park, actually the last full day-and we certainly made it a full day. Robby was already working this morning when I started to stir. The girls were soon up, but Whitman continued to sleep. I even checked on him once to make sure that he was sleeping and breathing. He was, but I guess the guy is just pretty tired-he has only slept in his bed once in the last 8 nights.

Today's breakfast was breakfast burritos. Tonight when Graham was here, he asked what we had for breakfast. Then he added that he wished he had been here for some of our breakfasts. The kids may not enjoy being away from home, but they do enjoy the camper eating that we do.

This morning we did a bit of school. Let's see, how the school bit is going this week. I only read aloud to the little 3, one of 3 days this week. That's not good, but I am now on a mission to finish quite a few books with them before the end of the month so I'll catch up on that. Whitman only missed doing one day of math this week. Keaton did everything so she is good. Campbell has some work to do tomorrow. Anderson and Graham both have english to do tomorrow-my plan is to stay gone tomorrow as long as I can so things will be finihsed by the time that I arrive back at the house. And Reagan, bless her, is stressed about her math-she is doing wonderful in it, but the midterm is coming up so she is working on studying for that.

We did drive down to Two Rivers today and walk the trail to the bridge. By the time that we made it back to the car, we had walked around 4 miles. Plus 2 miles of walking around the campsite today. We did fairly well-if only this was October when I want to walk 100 miles. Don't get me wrong, I know that it won't happen, but I would like to try at least.

When we returned from our walk, Nonna and Pops showed up. Keaton made them grilled cheese sandwiches. They stayed and visited for a little while while we ate. It was a bit chilly this afternoon with the wind from the river.

There was a little bit of time for reading this afternoon, but soon the big 3 arrived for supper. Reagan has driven to Maumelle Park today and Tuesday. And Monday and Wednesday she drove to Natural Steps for soccer. She has definitely put the miles on the car this week-and she said that she wanted to leave early so she didn't have to drive "that curvy road" in the dark again. 

We got them on their way before it was too dark out. First we filled everyone with chili-Robby made some and I made pumpkin chili which I had been wanting to make for a good long while. I really liked it; and I'd even make that same recipe again. 

Campbell and Keaton helped Robby make no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies this afternoon, and Shannon made cookies as well. So we had lots of dessert this evening, plus Robby pulled out the brownies and ice cream.

That is probably why we walked those 2 more miles tonight after eating. We tried to stay out tonight watching the football game, but the bugs were a bit bad. It was a pretty pleasant evening-and would be even better if we didn't have to pack up and leave tomorrow.

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