September 24, 2022-September Branson

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  • We didn't leave for the park until 10 this morning. We had a leisurely morning-walking Bentley and eating breakfast. We didn't have a "fancy breakfast" but did enjoy sausage biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pop tarts and cereal.
  • We were expecting the park to be super crowded today. However, we were pleasantly surprised. When we were walking in, Robby noticed that the cave line was short so we jumped in that line.
  • We have been wanting to do the cave for a very long time, but never really had the right time to do it, but today was perfect.
  • The cave was super interesting for sure. And it was really impressive. I never understand why some caves are National Parks or National Monuments or even state parks while some are just under a theme park. This one could rival some of the other caves that we have seen.
  • Our guide was excellent today so that always makes things better. There were lots of steps going down and quite a few places were we had to duck to get through. Now my people really are not cave people-well some of them are not. Campbell was stressed through the whole thing, though when the guide turned off the lights I thougth she just might lose it. Anderson was the most composed of the three non-cavers. He just doesn't like tight spaces or heights. Whitman was the most un-nerved. He doesn't like heights (I didn't know that until our Rattlesnake Ridge hike). He wanted to make sure that he was beside me or holding my hand at all times.
  • We all survived the cave though, and I think that they all enjoyed it. We certainly did. The family that bought the cave had two teenage sons. Those boys helped pour concrete to make steps in the cave and now the two men today are in their 90s and own Solver Dollar City. That is all just pretty wild to me.
  • We did more eating today as well with our Tastes Across the City Passport. We didn't have to use all of our meals today, but why not? Today we enjoyed:
    • Maple, Bacon, and Pecan Funnel Cake (very good)
    • Salted Caramel Vanilla Bean Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich (also good)
    • Pumpkin Chili (loved it)
    • Pupkin Spiced Rubbed Smoked Ribs (quarter slab) (very good as well)
    • Pumpkin Pizza (Robby and I liked it-different, but boys did not.)
    • Sweet Potato Kettle Chips (Soggy)
  • Not only did we eat quite a few things, we were able to get a few rides in as well. We found the Fergusons and the kids rode Thunderation, Time Traveler, Powder Keg, Fire in the Hole and American Plunge.  The lines were never long today, but we were busy eating and spelunking.
  • We stayed longer than we had intended to, but that was fine. When we came back, we walked Bentley and started getting things ready to watch the Hogs game. During the game, we grilled burgers which was perfect. Unfortunatly, the game wasn't so perfect, but it was still a pleasant evening.
  • After the game, we put things away so we can head home tomorrow.
  • Meanwhile, back at home. Reagan has been living it up. She went to her ballgame in Russellville with Nonna and Pops. Her team lost, but Reagan felt like she really played well. 
  • On the way home, they all stopped to eat at Marketplace Grill in Conway. Actually getting Reagan home was an adventure in the pouring rain plus a tree across the road. Pops did safely deliver her to the house-even though the electricty was out. Thankfully, the electricty was only out for a short while.

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