September 11, 2022

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  • After my shower this morning, Robby asked how well I did waking up the kids. I told him that I knew that Reagan was awake, but I thought that was pretty much it. I had gone upstairs to wake everyone up, but that always doesn't work.
  • For example, last Friday Anderson had asked me to wake him up. So I went up there and tried. 30 minutes later I woke him up again, and I did 2 more times after that. Later when he did come downstairs, he looked at me and said, "I thought you were going to wake me up." I had to calmly explaing that I tried-4 different times.
  • Anyway, Robby then went up to make sure that people were stirring. He siad that everyone was awake. He also added that he didn't see Whitman, but he wasn't in his bed. A bit later we do discover that Whitman was still in his bed. Thankfully, we figured that out well before we had to leave.
  • Our little class had a crowd again today. We are having double the amount of kids that we had last year. It is a good thing for sure, but it does make things a bit more crazy. Though this is kind of good because it does make the morning fly by for sure.
  • Then at Grannymom's house we celebrated Reagan, Keaton and Robby's birthday. Reagan received some clothes for her present. Keaton got her long awaited Reeces peanut butter cup blanket which we bought as her birthday present early this summer. And Robby received a much needed wallet. 
  • We headed home afterwards-Robby and I napped, Keaton washed Bentley, the boys spent time on their devices, Campbell talked to friends and Reagan probably did school work. 
  • Soon it was time for people to go to their lifegroups. This was the first night of the new groups, and I think that they were pretty successful. The big 3 were together at one house and took cookies. Campbell was just down the road and brought pizza for her crew.
  • The Wilsons came over this evening, and we marked a meal off of my list. We made the hash from Silver Dollar City-griddled potatoes, sweet potaoes, sausage, onions and peppers. We were pretty pleased with it. I really thought it was super yummy and hope that I am the one who gets the leftovers tomorrow!
  • When everyone did leave, it was time for the weekend to be over. We straightened for a bit before heading to bed to start our Monday.

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