Septmeber 12, 2022-Happy 17th Birthday Reagan!

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  • Let's talk for a minute about me having a 17 year old. That seems a bit crazy for sure. And surprisingly, the 17 year old was one of the easiest to wake up this morning. 
  • I did have to work with the big 3 first. After we did that, I zoomed through some math work with Graham. Then there was more math work with Graham followed by math work with Anderson and Campbell. I did sit by Keaton while she checked half of her math for the week. And did I mention that I also helped Whitman do his math. It was a mathy kind of day for sure.
  • Nonna came over for a few minutes this morning to drop off Reagan's birthday present. Reagan had been not so patiently waiting for this present-a water bottle. She had it washed and full of water before Nonna had even folded the tissue paper.
  • Around 11, I had intended to start working with the three littles. However, I got a late start due to all of the math work. So we didn't start until about 11:20. Then I was only able to get through scicne and one other book before Reagan came in ready to go see Annie.
  • Keaton was going to go with her, so that meant that our school time was cut short by a few minutes. That was fine though since I needed to get ready myself. Soon after they left, I also left for a funeral. 
  • I stayed and chatted for a good while afterwards, but when I did drive home, I found myself right by Subway. I called Robby to see if he needed one today so September Subway Sandwich Count: 11. We split a chicken bacon ranch which I thought was pretty good. However, it was nearly 4 and I had only had a cookie today.
  • Reagan had work this afternoon where they were all waiting on her to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake. They had her a super nice cake-I am so thankful for where she works. Now I just need to get the rest of my people who are old enough to work a job as great as hers.
  • As soon as she did come home from work, she left again to go out to eat steak with her friends. That left the rest of us with no reason to go out to eat since the birthday girl was already out to eat, so we just found some leftovers which was perfectly fine with me since I had just eaten that sandwich half.
  • I have been a bit chilled all day since my walk this morning-am I going to have to start wearing pants on my walk? Maybe it will warm up a bit. Now I am covered up with my blanket with my book right beside me. I do have one more thing on my list for today, but we shall see if that happens. (It didn't!)
  • When Reagan did come home from her night out (Texas Roadhouse) we had some cake and candles to finsih celebrating her birthday for the day. 

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