September 30, 2022-Weekdays at Maumelle

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Keaton and Campbell went home with the big 3 last night so that just left us with Whitman last night and this morning which made for an empty camper for sure. I actually think that he might have loved it though.

There were pancakes for breakfast at Whitman's request. Then Robby and I went to work. We worked all morning long on putting things away and loading up the camper. We weren't in a hurry so it took a good while to put everything back neatly where they belong.

We worked and worked and worked. When it was time to leave, Robby had a bit of a time starting the generator. And then, just as we were talking about the generator, it stopped. However, Robby knew immediately why-that safety mechanism that turns the generator off when you are dangerously low on gas.

Yep, the gas level was super low-low enough that Robby decided to skip dumping at the park and decided to dump at home. So that just left me driving behind him praying him all the way to Kroger. He said that he had at least 20 more miles but if you are having to do math to figure out how many miles you have left, then it is really too few. 

We made it fine to Kroger for gas. Then I headed on home wtih Whit and Bentley while Robby ran in to pick up a few deals. Once at home, we unloaded the camper just as slowly as we had packed it up. We were in no hurry, but we did manage to get everything unpacked, put away and cleaned so that was good.

Keaton spent the night at a friend's house. While I dropped her off, Anderson and Graham hauled wood for Pops. It took them about an hour to finish all of the wood.

Back at home, we did some more unloading and straightening, then Anderson joined us to run a few errands. First we stopped at Jess's Chicken for supper. We would probably have to rate it a C+, but it was still decent. We aren't big foodie people so we could really just take it our leave it.

Then on to Costco-Anderson even bought something to resell or at least try to resell. He has been selling Lego men as fast as we can ship them out here. It doesn't yet amount to enough for college or a car, but maybe he can buy a pair of glasses for his brother (that's Monday's project.)

Once we did make it back home, we all had some ice cream before chilling for the evening.

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