September 6, 2022

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  • When I left you last night, most of us were in the camper watching football. We waited about as long as we could before going to bed since we figured that as soon as we all did get settled, then the power would come back on. 
  • Sometime during the later evening, Robby did plug the generator up for the fridges and freezer in the house. When it was eventually bedtime, Reagan, Anderson and Graham opted to stay in the house, so Robby also plugged up some fans for the boys who planned on sleeping in their bedroom. Reagan was going to stay in the bonus room like she has the past few nights.
  • I think those three took the opportunity to stay up pretty late. I had told the boys that they could have ice cream, but then needed to brush their teeth and head to bed. 
  • They weren't the only ones partying though. Campbel, Keaton and Whitman in the camper stayed up at least until midnight becuase we were awake as well. Despite having to go to the bathroom three times last ngiht, I did sleep well.
  • Robby did wake me up around 5 saying that the power was back on. He thought that it came on around 1 last night, so he did get up to turn off the generators, unplug/plug up things and turn off the lights that were left on. The boys were sleeping so soundly that they didn't even hear him come into their room and fix their fans.
  • I didn't wake up as early as usual this morning, but that was fine since there was no laundry to fold or dishes to empty since there had been no power. I quickly started those things and worked on waking up the kids because school still started almost right on time this morning.
  • We zoomed through our work together like usual. Then the kids started on their individual work. The three bigs headed to Comm Central for their classes. Reagan is there for a good while, but the boys just have one class so they were soon on their way back home with Robby.
  • September Subway Sandwich Count: 6. Today Anderson and Graham flipped a coin to see who would get the sandwich. Robby did eat 1/2 of it, but Anderson was the flip off winner so he had the other half for his lunch.
  • After school was finished today. There were two fairly big projects-reorganize all of the shoes in the house and then go through some boy clothes bins. I am embarrassed to say how many bins that we went through-no, the boys didn't help me-Keaton helped me. We did find lots of clothes for Whitman and even some to give away to our friends. 
  • Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I ran to Costco, Kroger and then back to Costco tonight. We needed a few things-9 blocks of cream cheese was the main reason. Plus at our second Costco run we picked up pizza for our supper tonight.
  • After everyone ate, we all headed our seperate ways. Now, the big boys are outside playing basketball. They have been out there for a long while-that's good and all. But Graham has had one shower today and I am pretty sure that Anderson has had two. When they come in though, they will both head to the showers again. I am not worried a stitch about the water bill-it is the laundry that I dread!

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