September 19, 2022

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  • I let my alarm clock go off a little bit too long this morning, but I did finish my chores and make it back from my walk by 8:30 which is the time we are to start working together, so that was good. However, I then still had to wake up everyone except for Keaton, who I woke up before I left.
  • She was anxious to get started on her school work because this week, my 3 littles are doing 2 weeks of work. We are going to be at Maumelle Park next week so I would prefer not to have to do too much there. That means that extra work is happening around here.
  • Oddly enough though Campbell and Keaton have just about finished a whole extra week of school today. I suggested that we should possibly do more if they can do an extra week in one day. However, I know that they still have a good bit since they seem to save the hardest things for last. 
  • Whitman isn't as motivated as his sisters. However, he is motivated by me so he has also done a few extra things. I think that he has finished 12 extra things today plus his regular school-this is an amazing accomplishment for him. I probably could have even had him do a few other things, but I didn't want to push it!
  • The big 3 gave speeches to me this morning. It was a bit comical that both boys talked about how to make eggs. Then they started on their school work-Reagan had an essay to turn in and then she went right to work. 
  • At 1 she feed Annie, but she did get a few extra minutes at home today before having to go to work so she knocked out some more school work. She is doing so super in her college class and enjoying her work right now.
  • Anderson spent most of his day in the Lego nook. He has sold a few pieces on ebay and have a few more to sell. He is also organizing it, and possibly he is finding a few more things that he is going to sell Whatever he is doing up there, he has stayed busy all day long only stopping to play basketball and eat supper.
  • Tonight for supper we had chicken-we weren't big fans of it. It was fried chicken from a bag. We had bought the wrong thing, and really we aren't really work for our food type people-meaning things with bones are not our favorites.
  • Robby and I did make 3 pans of manicotti to eat later this week and to freeze so that took a good deal of the evening. So we have just now settled into our chairs to relax for the rest of the evening.

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