September 15, 2022

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  • So Thursdays have always been one of my favorite days for sure. Today was a pretty good one. There was school work to be done-lots of it with still some more to do tomorrow. 
  • I did pull out school for next week, and Campbel will finish one of her tasks for the year. Right now I can't even remember what it is, but that is super good since with her extra time she will start doing a bit more on something else. 
  • After school, I did some quilting. And let's just say, I am not a quilter. It is going fine so far, but it is just hard. The quilt is heavy and bulky to deal with plus it does take forever. My goal had been 3 lines on it a day; however, I have now decided that 2 is just fine. I don't usually get hot at home, but when I am dealing with that quilt and that sewing machine, I get so hot every single day.
  • I did a bit of shirt shopping on the internet this afternoon along with some verse writing out for Keaton and Whitman's school. 
  • Robby spent some time mowing, and Campbell helped as well. She drove the tractor as he picked up some sticks. She was super proud of being asked to help.
  • I decided to make Nonna's biscuit recipe (which is just a mix-I'm not sharing any family secrets becuse she would tell you the same.) As I made that, I also made some gravy. Robby decided that he wanted to play on the grill too so he made pancakes, little omelets and sausage. So between the two of us, we had ourselves a feast.
  • Before supper all of the kids except for Reagan had played basketball so the showers were going strong tonight. I have my book, my blanket and my water (still too warm from quilting for hot chocolate) so I might just settle in for the evening.

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