September 26, 2022-Weekdays In Maumelle Park

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Robby and I worked last night until the moment that we went to bed, and when I woke up this morning he was already gone. Actually, before I woke up this morning he was already gone. By the time that I left for me walk this morning, Robby was coming back from getting a new battery in the suburban. We all gave a hallelujah when it was just the battery. Though Robby was still a bit shocked about how much his battery (with a partial warranty left) costs. Either way, there were still happy dances happening (at least in our mind) that the battery was the culprit.

We were able to do a pretty full day of school today. Whitman just has 3 things left to do each day-Bible study, reading and math. And really, when you boil it all down-those are really the three most important things that we do. Campbell has a bit more, but Keaton doesn't have much to do at all. I am looking forward to doing our school work outside tomorrow (I have probably made that sound better in my head than it will really work out.)

Keaton washed Bentley this morning. Campbell made chocolate chip cookies for us to take camping while I took a hundred trips to the camper. Reagan was the first to leave today to go to work. Then Robby, Campbell and Keaton left to head to Maumelle Park for the week. Finally, Whitman and I left with Anderson and Graham to take them to Raymar.

Reagan was busy at work today, but she did leave a little bit early which was nice becuase she had a few minutes at home before going to soccer practice. After her practice (which was right near us), she headed back home. 

I helped Graham set up the concession stand-well, Whitman helped Graham while I picked up trash. Anderson started immediately setting up things and was working hard when I left. Nonna and Pops took them home after the games were over.

Robby and I the girls made it to Maumelle Park and quickly found our spots. We aren't in the spot that we had last time, so we were worried that we wouldn't have hammock trees-and we almost don't. Campbell and Keaton did use the trees right behind the Wilson's camper to hang up a hammock, but there isn't room for a full hammock city like we usually have.

Other than that, the spot is perfect. By the time that I arrived, Robby and the girls had everything set up perfectly. Tent, lights, chairs, rugs-everything. We even have a new toy this trip-a bicycle tent to store outside things in. We have plan for it so hopefully it will work out. 

Tony made supper this evening-ravioli and sausage. We thought that it was wonderful. Then we took ourselves a 50 minute walk all around this park. I think that we hit every loop but one-it was dark so I wasn't able to look at each and every camper like I really would like to-I plan on doing that more tomorrow.

After our walk, Tony continued cooking and made apple turnovers for our dessert. It was delicious. The girls ate some, but then they finished their snack with some popcorn that they shared with Whitman. Despite the flying insects, we stayed outside until a bit after 10. I was shocked to see that it was 10.

Once we came into the camper, Whitman was on his ipad, and Campbell and Keaton were in our bed watching Duck Dynasty. We soon kicked them out of our bed and into their own.

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