September 8, 2022

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  • I barely heard my alarm this morning, but I still thought that I was getting up at my normal-ish time. However, when Robby said that I must be running late, I started moving faster. Keaton has me waking her up earlier so she can finish the school work that she has started the night before.
  • This morning she had finished her school work, plus she had laid out Whitman's school work so he could see it all before most everyone else were down the stairs.
  • I worked with the big kids first and then moved on to the littles. I did go with Robby to pick up Grahm from school. September Subway Sandwich Count: 8. Since Graham had been at school, he was the one who received the sandwich. Robby and he split it on our way home. 
  • Now, I will say that most everyone has had a sandwich turn. I think that Whitman, Reagan and I are the only ones who have not had their sandwich day so far. And yes, the people working at the Subway to know Robby and call him by name when he walks in the door.
  • I worked with Whitman before Keaton, Cambpell and I worked on cleaning their bathroom cabinets. I am sure like most females-they had completely taken everything over. The boys had one drawer while the girls had 2 drawers plus the bottom part of all of the cabinets 
  • Now the boys don't need anymore than that one drawer really, but still there was a lot to clean out. I just scooped things onto the floor and let Campbell and Keaton go to town sorting things out. By the time I cleaned the mirror and counter, they had weeded things down quite a bit. I seriously love throwing things away-now, Robby likes me to throw things away, but he doesn't like for me to completely fill up the trash cans!
  • This afternoon Campbell and I went to the pregnancy center. We weren't there long but we were able to bag a crazy amount of diapers and straighten some clothes before we headed home. When we made it home, Robby left with Anderson since he had something at Raymar for a little bit. 
  • Graham and I did a bit of baking. When we were finished, Keaton took over the kitchen to make tonight's supper-meatballs, mashed potatoes and edemame. It was delicious-and most importantly she earned a prize with tonight's meal. We had told her that if she cooks 5 meals independently she would get a game. Then we let grabbing the insides of a turkey count as two and making brownies soon counted for 1/3 of a meal so she did make it to the prize sooner than expected.
  • Speaking of charts: If you remember Whitman had a "ma'am and sir" chart. He finished the first one earning himself an electric toothbrush. Now he is currently working on one to earn himself a bag of candy. And I think that it has worked-he says "ma'am" and "sir" much more frequently. Not like his big brothers yet, but he is getting there.
  • After supper, we tried some of the Crunbl cookies that Robby brought home. Everything but the bagel cookie was definitly a different one, but one of my favorites. 
  • Now I am sitting down for a little bit to read. Tomorrow is our off day of school; however, I think that I might work harder on Fridays than any other day. So maybe I will take a nap!

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