September 22, 2022-September Branson and Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • Robby's birthday started off well-when it was time for my morning walk, he didn't join me but started to work on turning around the camper and loading the car. Going on a trip on his birthday, of course, made him happy. 
  • I started school-I did cut a few corners today since there were a ton of things to do. The bigs didn't get to do their ACT work with me, and I skipped history with the littles. Now, none of the folks cared at all about skipping any work-but I did!
  • Robby took Graham to school today, and then picked him up when it was over. While Graham was at his class, Robby went around town collecting his birthday goodies-fries, shakes, drinks, cookies. 
  • When we were all home, we did give him his birthday present-candy (which he had seen a few weeks ago in the closet) and a Blackstone shovel (which he saw the other day in the car). Birthdays aren't as spectacular when you get older!
  • Reagan then left for her class, and we gave her all of the instructions for the next few days. I think that she might have been rather anxious for us to leave. She does have a busy few days coming up. Tonight she had work at Raymar for picture orders for football.
  • Our drive was rather unevenful until Robby's tire pressure system started going off. Sometimes it does go off, and it isn't a big deal. After our first blowout, tires make me crazy nervous so just hearing it beep did me in. He kept pushing buttons on it and staring as we drove on down the road. I knew that probably wasn't good.
  • Our trailer tire was continuing to have less pressure so we pulled over to look. This is when Robby's birthday started to turn for the worse. I saw the nail in the tire, so we began operation change tire.
  • The big boys and Robby have done this before so it wasn't a new thing. We were well off the road, and within 20 minutes we were back on the road with the new tire put on. I then spent the next 20 minutes on hold with the closest Walmart to see if they had a tire to replace the tire with the nail (We greatly see the importance of always having a full sized spare ready to go with us).
  • After the tire was changed, we could relax and enjoy the rest of the drive. We were soon in the campground. Robby hooked everything up quickly and headed to Walmart to get the new spare. Keaton and Anderson went with him. He had wanted to drop it off and pick it up tomorrow, but on the phone they said it would take no time at all.
  • I used my time wisely and went to town cleaning this place up, getting ready for tomorrow and heating up supper. Then I started waiting and waiting and an hour and a half later they were still waiting at Walmart. 
  • Robby said that it was just ridiculous-even though I had called to ask about the tire and even repeated the exact numbers twice, they still had problems. When they did put the tire on, Robby realized they had put the wrong tire on. After I had to wait so long on the phone, we should have known, but the real kicker was when they asked Robby repeatedly what side of the minivan where they going to put the tire on. He had to keep repeating that it was a trailer tire that they carried into the store.
  • I am glad that he had some of the kids with him so he could stay a bit calmer! Ha! It all worked out, and as soon as they stepped foot back in the camper, I was dishing up hot manicotti for our supper.
  • After we ate, we headed to Silver Dollar City. It was around 7:30 when we arrived. The kids rode Time Traveler, Thunderation, WIldfire, and Outlaw Run before we made it to the pumpkin area. 
  • There are so many pumpkins all over the park. It was really amazing to see-we have seen it before but it has been a long time ago, and I think that they have tons more pumpkins. I would have to say that these pumpkins rival their Christmas decorations.
  • Back at the campground, Campbell and Keaton filled their bento boxes for lunch tomorrow. The boys just wanted me to get them some cheese and crakers. We also have bought the tasting thing for tomorrow too so maybe we will sample some yummy food.

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