September 25, 2022-September Branson

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  • Our goal was to pull out this morning at 9:30, and we were close to 9:45 so that was good. There was no rush so a bit later didn't hurt anything. We had to stop for gas, but that didn't take any time at all.
  • Then we zoomed on home without any more stops. Robby and I did some more Disney planning along the drive home. Actually, we did a lot of Disney planning becaue when I did look up from my notes, I realized that we were in Conway. 
  • We did stop long enough in our planning to have lunch. I made everyone sandwiches, and I am always amazed that one round of sandwiches can pretty much deplete a loaf of the bread that we buy.
  • Once at home, there wasn't a whole lot to be done in the camper. With just 3 or less than 3 trips each, the kids had it emptied, the car emptied and bikes loaded for tomorrow. We probaly shouldn't do things like this to ourselves, but we have a tight turn around and pull out again tomorrow.
  • We threw laundry in the wash, I worked inside, Robby worked outside until we got to stopping points then we made a Costco and Kroger run.
  • We came home and unloaded while Reagan and Anderson left for lifegroup (Graham didn't feel too great tonight so he skipped). We then loaded back up and took Campbell to her lifegroup and tried to run to Sams but it was closed but did make a quick run through Walmart.
  • Once back home I had time to unload before leaving again to go and get Campbell. On the way home, Reagan called to say that her car would not start. I asked if she could get her leader to jump it. Thankfully, he was able to jump it, and they made it safely back home.
  • When the came home, Robby tried to start it again, and it was dead again-hopefully it is just the battery. I know I hace mentioned before that the car has 380+ thousand miles on it, and I was praying that it would make it to 400 thousand. That number keeps getting closer, so I have moved my prayers to 420 thousand. I know we are on borrowed time, but there is definitly power in prayer!
  • Robby ran to Grannymom's house tonight while I loaded the carmper again wtih food and browned some meat. Then he came home, and we discussed food-we always sit in the camper and review all of the meals before leaving so hopefully we don't forget anything. (Though there is a Walmart near everywhere-especially near Maumelle park.)
  • It was nearly 11 when we were able to slow down enough to get the kids in bed. My watch says I have walked 16 thousand steps today, but I am not too sure about that since I didn't really do much until we made it home, but my feet sure do hurt so maybe I have.

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