September 2, 2022

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  • I certainly enjoy my Fridays off-except that they don't seem to be truly off in any way. I was up at the same time and did all of my pre-school chores except walk Bentley. Robby had mentioned rain, but when looked I didn't see anything falling, but by the time I made it outside it was too late. 
  • I usually love the rain, but this change in my schedule didn't make me too happy. I still enjoyed the rain, and Bentley did get her walk around 1 today (and her second walk tonight after supper.)
  • Before the people started stirring, I had repaired a pillow, pulled out school for everyone for next week and started on making breakfast burritos to freeze.
  • Anderson and Graham were up around 9 while Whitman was the first one awake. They both had a bit of school work to check, plus there was one last paragraph to work on with Reagan. 
  • Keaton and I spent a long time today working on her quilt. We have all of the fabric pieces together. Tomorrow we shall possibly add a border before I figure out the next steps. Though I have to do some research tonight on a few questions I have, but so far it looks super cute and she is super happy.
  • Keaton, Campbell and I did go through 9 bins of clothing today. Keaton, of course, found the most clothes. However, Campbell did find a few things. Reagan was still asleep when we did this, but I threw a few things in a pile that she might like. She picked one-so I call that a win.
  • September Subway Sandwich count: 2-Robby took Campbell today to pick up a sandwich. She was super pleased with hers and as saved her other half for her lunch tomorrow. They also ran by the store and picked up a present for a birthday Sunday that she is going to.
  • I picked out pictures for the month while Keaton made cookies. Soon I heated up the other half of the bag of orange chicken for our supper. Plus I pulled out our leftover rice, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, noodles and heated up some bread-it was quite the clean out the fridge night for sure
  • Currently, I am letting bread rise because we are going to make cinnamon bread like Silver Dollar City-or at least we are going to try.
  • Oh, last night it was past 10, and Robby, Bentley and I were in the living room. Then there were a few incredibly loud fireworks. At first I had assumed that it was tanerite, but later Robby was even able to see them on the doorbell camera from above the trees. 
  • It was so, so loud. Bentley had been laying near the kitchen but came to lay by me. After a few more minutes of this, she moved in front of me on my feet. After a few more minutes of this, Campbell came in and Robby suggested that she take Bentley to potty. It was time for her night time potty, plus we didn't know how long our firework friends were going to shoot them off.
  • Campbell put a leash on that dog, and she sat down. She was not going to budge at all. It was pretty funny. It finally took Robby accompanying both Campbell and Bentley before she left the living room. 

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