September 18, 2022

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  • This was a two bus Sunday-Keaton had to go to church early to do worship care plus we needed an early bus to come home to get a bit of a head start on lunch.
  • Keaton and Whitman's Sunday school class is all about it this year-They have homework to do each week plus they even have life groups once a month. In addition to all of this, she was asked to help with worship care today. 
  • She loved it and of course was great at it. She always begs me to ask if she can go with me, but she much more enjoyed going with her cool little teacher and two of her friends.
  • After church, we celebrated all of the September birthday's at our house-Reagan, Keaton and Robby. My folks and Jason contributed to Robby's griddle for his birthday so he treated them to a Sunday lunch on the griddle.
  • We had giant quesadillas due to a Sam's order mix up along with beans and rice. Plus we did make tostados. Nonna brought cake for everyone so we had ourselves a super big meal. After eating, all of the birthday people opened their presents. 
  • It wasn't too much longer until my people started leaving the house:
    • Reagan left to go play kickball with the 11th and 12th graders from church
    • Campbell and Graham left for Rock Creek with Brett to play football before The U
    • Keaton and Whitman left with Candice to church for their life group
    • Anderson left with Robby for The U (he didn't want to play football early)
  • I should have written out a flow chart for the evening. I can see why another car will be needed very soon around here. These people are busy (which is a wonderful thing). And we love that they are busy with church things.
  • Everyone had a good time at their events-and we all met back up at the Wilson's house for supper. Reagan just came briefly to drop off Keaton and Whitman, but she did eat herself some fried rice before heading home to do math. 
  • The rest of us stayed a little bit later, but did eventually come home so we could climb into our beds. Monday begins tomorrow, and this is going to be a busy week...but really, aren't they all?

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