September 7, 2022

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  • This waking up for school stuff is just tough; however, I do understand that it is necessary and most people around the world do it. Keaton did ask me to wake her up at 8 this morning so I quietly went up there to wake her up. She did get on up and started on what was left on her school work. I guess that you could say that she is a night owl, like me, since she likes to stay up late.
  • I also like to stay up late-and last night I was busy looking at the entergy website. It shows you the amount of energy that you use each day and what exactly it cost. Like the oter day was a 13 dollar day-so today, I have been the light turn-er outer.
  • Anyway, back to our school day. Things were very well today. We didn't see too much of Reagan, but she was busy getting her school work done. Where Reagan works they took off for the whole summer so today was the first day back for her so I am sure that she is a bit overwhelmed.
  • September Subway Sandwich Count: 7-Keaton was the sandwich eater today. She chose chicken for her sandwich. I think that she enjoyed it and left half of it for her lunch tomorrow.
  • I had my yearly doctor's appointment today which did take a good long time, but people were occupied at home. When I did come back home, I went to town on Whitman's clothes. His drawers and hanging clothse are all neat and replinished with some new clothes ready for winter.
  • I took Graham to church this evening for his first Dgroup. While he was there, I ran to the library. They didn't have any money to give me this week, but I did leave with a basket of books. However, two of the books that I wanted haven't arrived yet-I am sure that they will be there tomorrow.
  • Reagan went to practice tonight while Robby brought everyone else to church. When it was over, we all came home ready for supper. Robby heated up some chicken and most folks made chicken sandwiches. 
  • I am franctically working on the blog currently, so I will have some time to read before it was bedtime around here.

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