September 1, 2022

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  • Since this was the last day of school this week, I was all about telling Whitman that he could skip a few things. Of course my other people thought that me telling him that he could skip coding meant that they might be able to skip math or writing. Hmm, not the same at all.
  • Graham and Reagan had their classes at Comm Central. Robby picked Graham up, and they ran to Subway. Robby snagged a Subway card for the month of February where he can buy a sandwhich for half off every single day. I will do my best to keep a Subway sandwiches in September count on the blog. (Subway Sandwiches in September: 1)
  • A good bit of the aternoon was taken up with quilt work. Keaton, Campbell and I did 2 more rows on the quilt. Then later this evening while I was gone, Keaton finished sewing the rest of the rows by herself. So far we are progressing nicely on it-tomorrow shall be a bit quilt day. She was hoping for us to be finished by Disney, but we may be finished much sooner than that at this pace. 
  • This afternoon Anderson had to go to Raymar for a little bit, so Robby and I dropped him off-went to Goodwill to drop off 5 boxes of things (tiny house-here I come!), went to Walmart, Sonic and Kroger. We were doing some speed shopping by the end since he didn't have to be there long.
  • On the way home, we picked up fried rice and noodles to go with our orange chicken. That was definitely a crowd pleaser for sure. Everyone was happy after that meal. 
  • Well, not everyone one-since Keaton had made a batch of cookies this afternoon for our evening snack, we didn't let Whitman have any ice cream. He was not pleased at all about this. I promised him that he could have some tomorrow-I am sure that he will ask me about it early in the day!
  • Reagan was supposed to have her Dgroup tonight, but it was cancelled. I am super glad that they are still meeting even if they do cancell more than they go. Ha!
  • This evening, I did run to Kroger with Shannon sinc she needed a few things. I did buy some bread since my goal this weekend is to make some Silver Dollar City imitation cinnamon bread. Once I came home, I had my evening cookies (I had already eaten my ice cream earlier today-shhh!)
  • Whitman has already gone to bed since he found out that he can have his ipad in the bed tomorrow becuase it isn't a school day. This confused Graham who came downstairs to put his dishes in the dishwasher like it was bedtime. It was greatly relieved to find out that there was at least 40 minutes before bedtime!

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