September 20, 2022

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  • This morning Robby mentioned to me that I was ahead of my normal schedule. I was still about 5 minutes behind where I should have been, but I still was ahead of my normal. He even stirred and went on my morning walk with me. Two things: It was certainly nice to have the company plus he scared the neighborhood dog away so she didn't have to follow me on the whole walk.
  • After I finished, Robby kept going but I had school to get started on. Tuesdays might just be one of my favorite days becuase the bigs are gone, and school seems to go pretty smoothly. I do like Wednesdays too, but lately the boys have been acting a fool on Wednesdays-so I am planning now how I can prevent that tomorrow (Anderson and Graham talk, laugh and have a big time, while Whitman is so distracted that he can not accomplish a thing.)
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had school at church today. Reagan and Anderson's computer science class went to see the church's server room. Graham had a test today that he is pretty sure that he aced. 
  • I picked the boys up since they are done way before Reagan. I had to run to the library, and then we made it on to Subway. September Subway Sandwich Count: 18. The boys were happy to split something today. Graham has had more than anyone else, so I told them if they couldn't find something to share, then Anderson would get it. Graham was super accomadating then and said he didn't mind whatever Anderson picked.
  • Campbell, Keaton and even Whitman are working hard to accomplish two weeks of school. I think that Keaton will end up having the most done, but Whitman is getting there. Whatever we do this week is just one less thing to do on our Maumelle Park week.
  • Around 5, Reagan and Anderson left to go to Raymar. Anderson painted the fields while Reagan organized the storage shed. I am sure the fields are done well, but there was a huge difference in the before and after of the shed. 
  • While they were gone, Robby and I walked Bentley with the WIlsons and Annie. We walked for about 2 miles before rushing home to start on supper. We made some quesadillas with our huge tortillas. Then we all settled around the kitchen table for a bit to eat supper.
  • Next up was showers for quite a few folks around here. There have been at least 2 basketball games today so showers were quite the necessity.

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