December 1, 2023-The Cowboys for Christmas!

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We slept in a little bit this morning, and then we headed to downtown Dallas for our lunch. We joined the line at Pecan Lodge BBQ-the line was fairly long, but we didn't wait more than 30 minutes. It was definitely a happening place.

Graham had a sandwich, Robby and I split a sandwich and bbq nachos, and Keaton and Whitman had mac and cheese. Now, it was all very good, but we barely touched the bbq nachos. We didn't think that the chips would keep though they were delicious chips, but we did bring home the bbq that was on top of the nachos. We brought home enough bbq for someone to have at least 2 sandwiches later.

After our bbq, we opted to not go to Ikea and instead went to a huge Christmas decorators warehouse. It was something to see-especially to see everyone buying up all of the Christmas items. Keaton and Whitman decided that they needed to have their photo taken at every photo worthy spot so that kept us busy while walking through the store.

After that, we drove back to the campground. We had some down time, and I even had a nap while Keaton and Whitman went to the jumpy thing for a little bit. Then the boys opted to stay in the camper while we left with Keaton for Target and Walmart. She was really looking for a chocolate advent calendar which we did not find. However, I did find a few things for Christmas stockings. 

On our way home, we stopped at the Krispy Kreme right across from the campground to pick up a few doughnuts. We didn't really intend for them to be supper, but they ended up being our supper which was perfectly find. We we save tonight's meal for tomorrow or another day at home. 

Tonight we munched on the doughnuts while Graham watched basketball. Keaton and I played the other half of the game that we started last night. Now Robby and I are trying to watch our tv show, but so far he hasn't had any luck since he has been working on getting it started since I started typing this blog!

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