January 7, 2024

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  • I had imagined getting up early enough to knock out some reading this morning! As you might well imagine, that did not happen. I got up early enough to take a shower and wash my hair-the laundry wasn't even folded before we left the house this morning which is something that always irks me if I can not get it done.
  • We did Sunday school first and then big church before coming back to Nonna and Pop's house for the kids favorite meal-pork tenderloin. We ate lunch, and then celebrated my birthday with candles, cake, and presents-gift cards and cash! My favorite!
  • Then we headed home, and the kids folded the laundry while I worked on straightening from the morning. I often think about Sunday afternoons when Robby would drop me off at the house and drive around the neighborhood for a few more minutes with the little kids. I would run in the house with all of the diaper bags and bottles and things. Then I would hurry around emptying the bags, refilling diaper bags, and trying to straighten everything I could in those 10 minute that he made the loop in the neighborhood. It is kind of nice now that we can pull into the garage, and everyone can get out of the car, into the house, and pick their own things up successfully-with lots of reminders though!
  • This afternoon Robby and I had naps, but I did get a little bit of reading in though-just not much! Then all 5 of the big kids left for church. I do love it when they all go the same place, and especially when they are all going to church. 
  • I did a few chores around here while Robby started on our Sunday night supper. Soon the Wilsons were over and all of the kids. We had ourselves a big Mexican meal. The kids then all migrated upstairs and played a game. 
  • Right now, we are finishing a tv show, and then I am headed to a warm shower!

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