January 8, 2024

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  • It was a nice little Monday morning. I do love winter, and really I also kind of like rainy days like today. This is a good thing because I do spend all morning long sitting in front of my bedroom window during school. 
  • Anderson had finished quite a bit of his work last night, so he didn't have a whole lot to do today. Now, Graham just has a lot this year, plus he has to leave for work so he stays busy during school time. 
  • Graham and Reagan did finally start back to work today-I think that Graham would have enjoyed another day off. However, both boys spend the day looking forward to playing basketball with their friends tonight. However, when it was about time to leave they found out that the court was closed. They figure the rain caused them to close the court for someone's lacrosse practice. 
  • This afternoon we did play a round of Monopoly Deal. Keaton was the winner. Anderson usually wins our games so he was not pleased that Keaton has again won a game. I'm sure we might just play another game tomorrow so he can redeem himself.
  • Campbell has a visit to the nutrition center today so she has been not eating so she doesn't have to write down anything on her food record. The silly girl. Whitman and I did make some banana bread tonight so she was quick to enjoy that. Whitman usually loves banana bread but after today when I made him put the mushy bananas in the bowl, I don't think that he will eat any anymore.
  • We pretty much cleaned out the fridge tonight. There were quite a few things-plus I sweetened the deal by saying that if you eat some type of leftovers then you earn a Hawaiian roll. So currently, a football game is on and everyone has found their evening spots.

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