January 22, 2024

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  • Was today Monday? I think so, and surprisingly, the day went very well. Anderson and Graham asked to sleep in a little bit. When I was waking up Whitman, he asked if he could sleep a bit more too-but I sure didn't let him.
  • However, he was happy to be awake because his math was short again today which meant that he finished school before 11:30. He actually stayed pretty busy this afternoon-he played Mario Kart with Graham and Anderson, and (this is the interesting part), he even worked out with Graham for a little bit. 
  • This afternoon was dreary so I had a short nap, and then I decided to be productive and start working on that school room closet. This led to me quickly sorting my box of cards. One thing always just leads to another, but I will definitely enjoy a nice and neat school room closet-though it only lasts for so long.
  • Graham and Reagan didn't have to go to work again today. Since schools have been closed, they haven't taken any pictures lately leaving them with no work to do. Graham is not too happy about this since he already has a list of things that he wants to buy!
  • The kids all ate supper on their own tonight. Robby said that Whitman and Keaton spent a lot of time in the living room playing something on their ipads. 
  • I went to a friend's house, and everyone did some crafting. We made cute little people and had tacos for supper. It was lots of fun-though driving back home from Bauxite in the rain and fog was not so much fun! 

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