January 26, 2024

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  • I know you could probably not sleep last night wondering if I was going to be able to accomplish the school room closet today. That was my priority, and it did happen...well, almost. 
  • I still have Whitman's inflatable bowling ball and pins in the floor plus about half a cup of glitter that I need to vacuum up tomorrow. Also there about 10 things that I am trying to give away sitting i the floor. So I still have a little bit to do, but I feel like I am finished though!
  • Robby suggested that we go to grab some bagels around lunch time. I had a birthday coupon for The Bagel Company, so we headed to town. Hmm, we had such high hopes, but we are just simple people! We did save 5 dollars with my coupon, but since I was disappointed, our quick trip probably will cost Robby a trip to New York for another real bagel.
  • This afternoon Anderson, Keaton, Campbell, Whitman, and I played a game of Hues and Clues. We seem to be a gaming kick, but when I went upstairs to look at our games, I was disappointed by the choices. (We have an entire closet full of games-but maybe that should be my next project)
  • Robby told the kids that he would pick them up ChickFilA tonight so on the way there, we stopped at On the Border. We really enjoy their chips and salsa, and we are so predictable that we order the same thing every single time.
  • We grabbed the kids food on the way home, and now we are watching another episode of Shark Tank-we still haven't thought of our product for Shark Tank...maybe tomorrow.

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