January 15, 2024

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  • I believe that I heard Campbell up this morning before anyone else. She said that Keaton had left her blinds open so the snow was bright enough to wake Campbell up. That was good for me though because she volunteered to take Bentley out this morning.
  • Pretty much anytime that Bentley has needed to go out, Campbell has been the one to go out with her. Campbell and Bentley both love the snow more than anyone else in the house.
  • Now, Keaton is usually my least excited about the snow, but she has gone outside at least twice today. Graham has gone outside once and so has Anderson. Whitman pretty much goes outside whenever anyone else goes-he has moved up from pajama pants and a sweatshirt yesterday to ski pants and a heavy coat today.
  • I did my chores this morning and worked on finishing a book. I started two more though, but I still have plenty for the next few days. Unless this snow sticks around longer than I think that it is going to stick around. Now, starting back with school tomorrow will be harder than it was when we went back after Christmas though.
  • This morning-really, it was mid morning, Campbell and I made chocolate chip scones which were excellent. We also put a can of cinnamon rolls in the oven for the non scone eaters. While the scones were cooking, I played Ticket to Ride with Campbell and Keaton. 
  • The afternoon passed pretty quickly, but we all did sit at the table tonight for supper-I had made a pasta and chicken dish. When those dishes were cleaned up, Keaton and Anderson went to work making a brownie and cookie dessert. It is currently in the oven so I'm not really sure how it is going to turn out.
  • The football games have been on all day long it seems-I believe another one is starting so that will be our evening entertainment.

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