January 25, 2024

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  •  Thursdays are super nice since it is the last day of school. Whitman had done his school work last night, so he didn't have too much left to do today. He was finishing up around 11 so he was happy.
  • I took that extra time to work on my school room closet. I have been doing a little bit every day, but today I just went to town. Basically, everything that I had not already worked on, I pulled out and put in the floor of the school room. 
  • The closet is looking good, but the school room isn't looking too good at all. It is kind of stressing me out! I will hopefully finish it tomorrow, or if i don't finish it tomorrow then I may just throw everything else away!
  • I worked way too much on that closet today, so I didn't have must time for other things during the day. Reagan had even been to class, home for an hour, and was getting ready to leave again when I saw her and asked about class thinking that she had just come home-I missed a lot of the day while i was in the closet.
  • Anderson, Campbell, Keaton, and I played a game this afternoon. The game took a very good while, but it was fun-makes me wish that we did play more games. Reagan was already at work, but we couldn't get Graham or Whitman to play with us.
  • I read a bit after the game, but soon Reagan was coming in, and Robby was heating up the leftover potato soup. This is the second week we made potato soup, and this time we doubled the new recipe. Poor Anderson has not been thrilled with our supper choices, but tonight was eat whatever you want night, so he opted for eggs and toast.
  • After supper, Keaton joined us to watch some Amazing Race. Maybe we will have some ice cream for dessert tonight or maybe Keaton will make some cookies-there has already been discussions about both of these ideas.

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