January 11, 2024-Happy 3rd Birthday Bentley!

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  • I did better waking up this morning than yesterday. The big boys had already convinced me to let them sleep in for an extra hour today, so I obliged but I still had to wake up the others. We read for an hour, and Whitman might have slept for 30 of those minutes. Actually, he did better today.
  • We did our school work this morning-Anderson, Graham, and Campbell all have a new science, and I am loving it. I think that they like it too even. I don't think that anyone has school left for tomorrow except for Whitman's spelling that he has to do with me.
  • This afternoon I went to Kroger and Costco with Robby. We went to look for laundry detergent; however, we didn't put it on the list....so you know where I'm going with that. We never thought about laundry detergent again until we made it home. Oh, well, I'm sure there is some somewhere in this house that we can find to get us through the next few days. If not, surely just some baking soda will work.
  • While we were gone, Reagan headed to work. She made it back home as I was making some air fryer pizzas for half the crew. And before too long, it was time for us to leave for the boys' basketball game.
  • The outcome was not anything like last times. However, I do think that they enjoyed themselves. Anderson did slide to get the ball and has court burns on his leg and arm, but that is nothing to their teammate who maybe dislocated his finger. I think it might be more than dislocated though-it didn't look pretty at all.
  • After the game, we came home and sang Happy Birthday to Bentley. Right now, Whitman and I are watching a tv show, and next I am going to get myself some cider.

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