January 23, 2024

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  • What a messy rainy day, but we did make the best of it. School went well this morning, and Whitman finished with his school work supper quickly. How fast he finishes depends on his math for the day. 
  • Today he was lucky-his math was about cancelling fractions that he was multiplying. I've been showing him that for months because anyway to make things easier for him is good. He was delighted to finish around 10:30 this morning. I tried to encourage him to do more because tomorrow's math will have lots of review with this new part that is easy for him, but he sure didn't want to do that.
  • Reagan went back to to school today. She only has speech at Comm Central this semester. It is a concurrent class so that is why she just started. She already had homework and had to make a speech video tonight.
  • She came in for a few minutes between school and work-her schedule this semester isn't great since she has over an hour to kill between the end of her class and the start of her work. It isn't enough time to stay at school, and it really isn't enough time to go home though she is planning to come home during her short break.
  • Robby and I ran to the store today-milk and potatoes for more potato soup tonight. Campbell helped me make Beebee's rolls, Whitman prepped the potatoes to bake, Keaton helped scoop out the potatoes, and Graham looked through a cookbook telling me what he wanted for us to make next. 
  • The rolls were decent, but not exactly like I remember, but the soup was delicious-this was baked potato soup so it was different than last week's soup. We actually doubled it, so we will be eating soup for the rest of this rainy week. 

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