January 27, 2024

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  • Robby and I woke up to Bentley going nuts this morning. She was mad about something, and even when we calmed her down she still laid in our bed and growled. Robby thought that he heard a noise and assumed it was our neighbor opening his garage door to his shop. 
  • It was about an hour later when Robby and I were both sitting in bed-he was watching basketball things and I was reading-when Whitman burst in our room asking if we had seen the table. I followed him to the kitchen hoping that our kitchen table was still intact since I wasn't sure what he was talking about.
  • It didn't take long to see that our patio table was smashed! A huge branch/log had fallen onto the table breaking a leg and crushing some or maybe all of the tiles on the table. The glider was flipped over in the yard and one chair was knocked over. 
  • It does look like all of the chairs and gliders are in tact. We didn't do any clean up today, but that will be a project for tomorrow or the next day. We are very fortunate because the power line to our house hangs right over where that branch came down so we are lucky that it didn't pull the power from the house. (That would have cost more than a replacement table-Robby reminded me that we do in fact use that table for when he cooks and when I brush Bentley in the mornings.)
  • That was the excitement this morning. Keaton had a birthday party to go to at 1, and we really tried to convince Campbell to come, but she passed. We dropped Keaton off, and then Robby and I went to Chilis since he had a coupon for free chips and salsa. We did split quesadillas as well, but we brought home half of those.
  • After Chilis, we picked up a free Arby's sandwich, two free tiny orange chickens from Panda Express, and a free lemonade from HteaO. We did have to run in Kroger to spend some real money for a few things, but we had fun claiming all of our free things in that area.
  • After picking up Keaton, we did run by Michaels on the way home since I had 5 free dollars as well. She was happy to help me spent that money-we bought a little picture frame and some tissue paper.
  • For supper tonight, the kids went to town on all of our food that we had brought home, and soon it was time for us to go to the boys' basketball game tonight. Anderson got in foul trouble early so he didn't play a great deal until the end. Graham scored 3 points, but our team was down by 10 two different times. They came back, tied it but did lose by one point. It was a great game! (I'm posting a video of Graham guarding someone-a foul on the other boy, but the video does make it look like Graham did a bit of flopping.)
  • We have all come home and made two batches of cookies while the boys' are taking showers. Tomorrow is an earlier than usual Sunday morning so I really should be getting people in bed.

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