January 10, 2024

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  • Last week on our first week back at school, I was able to get myself out of the bed at a proper time where I didn't have to scurry before school started. However, I sure haven't been able to this week. I will try to do better tomorrow, but I am even going to bed before midnight. Well, maybe I won't tonight since I am starting a new book here in a minute.
  • We did our school work, and these last two minutes Whitman has been like a narcoleptic while I am reading. It takes him a good 20 minutes before I am sure that he is awake enough to actually hear what I am reading about.
  • Graham had to scurry to get his school work done today since he and Reagan left for work at noon so she could get to church on time tonight. After they left for work, I got busy and almost forgot that Whitman still had spelling to do with me. He was not pleased that I had remembered!
  • After this, I ended up taking Bentley for a short walk. Robby had said that the temperature was decent-and it was. However, the wind! I was afraid that a tree was going to fall on us. Seriously, it was crazy!
  • Campbell and Keaton left for church early with Reagan, and the boys and I were not far behind since we had to stop by the library before church. There were lots of kiddos tonight, but since this was the first week back, it really wasn't that crazy.
  • Anderson, Graham, and Campbell went to ChickFilA after church this evening. Campbell was excited that she had a gift card. The rest of us came home and had lasagna that Robby had made. 

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