January 13, 2024

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  • This is the second time that I have written this blog, so this one will be quite a bit shorter. The morning began with Campbell, Keaton, and me going to a baby shower. I had told the girls that I didn't want to be there early, but I did want to be there in time to get an easy parking spot.
  • When I pulled up, I parked just like everyone else right off in their grass. The first thing that I said was "are we going to get stuck?" Thankfully, I didn't get stuck, but the cars about 3 down from me did get stuck.
  • One of those was Grannymom's friend, and she was quick to commandeer me to take her home. Campbell and Keaton grabbed my keys and ran out to the car to make sure that it was clean. We dropped both ladies off at one house, and then we went to meet Robby at Kroger.
  • Of course, if you are counting, I have been to Costco and Kroger 3 days in a row now! Robby filled up all of the gas cans and has spent the day working on all of the generators. We then went to Kroger grab some more bottles of laundry detergent since it was a good sale.
  • Then on to Costco were we really enjoyed their new cookie at cafe area. We had all noticed the line, but we weren't in any hurry, we thought. Campbell and Keaton eventually disappeared from us. I thought that Campbell would call and ask where we were, but when she did text she told us that her and Keaton were in line. We finished our shopping and hurried to meet them at the beginning of the line. 
  • After our shopping trip, we did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day. I had a nap and soon there was football on and we were eating our supper while Keaton was making cookies.

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