January 4, 2024

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  • Thursdays are just one of my favorite days for sure. I had to work super hard getting the kids up this morning-I believe that it took me about 5 trips or yells up the stairs before I was sure that Anderson was out of bed. 
  • I tried to read as many library book as I could this morning, but I am still way behind on my reading of my book today. We did the school thing, and then I worked on pulling school out for the next week. They way the news people keep talking about snow next week, maybe I should have planned us a day off (it's not going to snow when they plan on it, that just usually isn't how it works.)
  • This afternoon we ran to Target, Sams, and Walmart to pick up a few things for a birthday present for Keaton's friend. She has worked so hard for making the box for this gift.
  • When we finished our shopping, we came home and played Anderson's new card game-Monopoly Deal. Reagan missed out on the game because she had to start back to work for her tutoring job. And the photography studio starts back tomorrow for her and Graham.
  • Supper tonight was quesadillas. We all love them, but it does take a long time to make quesadillas even using the stove and two quesadilla makers. Reagan and I even had some guacamole so it was like a fancy meal for us. 
  • Robby has started a new show tonight, and I sure did sleep through the first episode. I still need to be watching some Hallmark shows though so I can reach my goal this year. 

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