January 28, 2024

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  • This was the first Sunday morning that we were back in the sanctuary-they said that it had been 41 weeks. And man, it was good to be back in the sanctuary. They had tried to make Sander's Hall work, but it was tough.
  • I had thought that I would see more people today since we were all together for worship, but I'm not too sure that we did. We did see a few more people in the hallway because Robby and I went to our Sunday school class a different path. 
  • After sitting in big church for a long while, the 22 first graders were a bit antsy which could be expected. That just means that next Sunday, I'll have to come prepared with lots of things to do while moving!
  • We all found each other and headed to the car. Lunch today was at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. She had bbq and all of the fixings which we enjoyed. Afterwards, we sat around and visited for a while before heading home.
  • Once we made it home, I had every work for about a minute-Keaton took the dog out, Whitman delivered something to the neighbors, Anderson did some vacuuming, Graham and Reagan folded laundry while I'm not really sure what Campbell did. (She is a faithful blog reader, so she will remind me in the morning what exactly she did.)
  • I had my nap, but Keaton made cookies for her life group-and gracious, they were beautiful. I didn't have one, but they looked so good. Before too long, Anderson, Graham, and Campbell headed to Rock Creek for church. Reagan went to her Life group and Keaton went to hers. I am so glad when my kids have lots of church choices to go to.
  • We made pancakes and egg in the hole for supper. We also made some bacon which Reagan was not pleased that we had eaten it all and not left her any. Of course we wouldn't leave any bacon left!
  • After the Wilsons left, Robby and I got stuck watching another rv youtube video before we started to put the kids to bed.

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