January 9, 2024

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  • I slept long enough and hard enough this morning that Robby had to tell me when my alarm was ringing. That did kind of send my scrambling to get my things done and get everyone up on time. (Now, Graham and Reagan usually go to Bible study on Tuesday mornings. This would have been their first morning back, but Reagan decided that since she didn't have to wake up until work at 3 then she would just skip Bible study. Graham wasn't too happy abut this because he really wanted some ChickFilA.)
  • Anyway, everyone was there for me to wake up. The big boys did convince me to let them sleep for 30 more minutes. Poor Whitman rolled over and asked if he could too, but nope he couldn't. He then went right downstairs and fell asleep on the couch. I would have to call his name every 5 minutes to make sure he didn't go back to sleep. Eventually, I made him work on something so he would be awake while I read.
  • We did our school, and after lunch Whitman and I did spelling. After that, I went to the Museum of Discovery with Whitman, Campbell, and Keaton. Whitman received a pass for his Christmas gift so this was our first visit. 
  • It had been years since we had been there, and they all really enjoyed it. When we did leave, we walked out to the car to see that we had a parking ticket. When we pulled into the spot, I text Robby to say that we were there, and I was downloading the parking app. He asked which one and asked our number and said he would do it.
  • And he did-for the white van. So when the parking lady ran my plates, it looked like I hadn't paid. Oh, well, we were glad the ticket was just for 15 dollars. The girls wanted to go to Walmart and walk around on the way home-If I were to pick a word for this year, I would pick "memories" because I want it to be a year filled with memories. And today's memory will be of me telling that that going to Walmart when we need nothing is an absolutely ridiculous idea. 
  • For supper tonight we made cream cheese chicken chili-I used the same amount of chicken that the recipe called for, but I thought it was very chickeny. That is fine though, I will be able to put my leftovers in a tortilla. 
  • Robby is trying out a new show on the tv, but he is having to pause it occasionally depending on who walks into the room. I voted for a Hallmark movie, but I was vetoed. 

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