January 14, 2024

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  • This morning was church morning, and we think that this might be the first time that Whitman slept in his room without his brothers. The last two nights Anderson and Graham have been gone, as well as Reagan, leaving Whitman in the room alone. He didn't complain or even ask to sleep in the girls' room which is where he usually ends up-I guess our baby is growing up.
  • We went to church thinking the kids were going to come home around 3:45 today to beat the winter weather, but that time was moved up two more times. They were a little bit bummed about missing a whole night of camp, but since they expected it to happen that made it a little easier.
  • After church, we ate lunch at Grannymom's house, but we weren't able to stay too long because by the time we made it to church, the kids were already there. They had just pulled up. We loaded them up and ran by the library on the way home.
  • It was already snowing pretty good by the time we made it home. Campbell and Whitman, my water/snow loving babies, went outside pretty early in the afternoon. The snow continued to fall even though it wasn't very heavy. It was almost dark when all the kids but Reagan went outside. Anderson didn't join the others trying to sled down the hill, but the rest of them marched to the hill and did sled a little bit. Graham said that the sledding wasn't very good though.
  • Whitman said that the only problem was that the temperature on the road was so much colder than in our yard. That might have been due to the fact that he was just wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt. Now he did have on gloves and a scarf and hat, but I wasn't able to convince him to wear a coat or ski pants. 
  • Keaton heated up orange chicken for some people's suppers. I believe that Reagan has been asleep all afternoon because we haven't heard from her. Now, Keaton is making cookies while a second or possibly third football game is on. And in a bit, the plan is for some of us to play a game.

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