January 19, 2024

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  • Today, everyone slept in for quite a while. I would do a few chores, mark a few things off of my list, and then I would join Robby back in the bed and read some of my book. I did this twice before I finally decided that my next chore was going to be washing the sheets so that effectively ended the laying in the bed part of the day.
  • The only school things happening today was some of Anderson's little bit that he had left. Whitman also had spelling to do with me too. He complains, but seriously his spelling is getting better. He is no where near grade level probably, but he is so improving so for that we celebrate.
  • Robby and I ran to Walgreens to pick up pictures along with a quick trip to the library to pick up some books for me. We did also stop at ChickFilA for Robby to get a milkshake. Now, I sure did drink some of his, but I know I can't have a whole milkshake of my own or I will spend a good bit of the afternoon in the bathroom.
  • Some of the late afternoon was spent outside for Keaton, Whitman, and Anderson. There were pretty good sledding conditions this afternoon on the ice. Maybe tomorrow will be a good sledding day for them as well, but it melted pretty quick this afternoon in the sun.
  • Robby and I took Graham to spend the night at a friend's house tonight. He wrote just a minute ago that he had itchy eyes and a runny nose because of their cat. They had meds for him, so hopefully that clears up. I didn't know that he was allergic to cats. 
  • After dropping him off, we went to the Wilson's house to eat supper. The kids stayed at home, and the girls made our last batch of orange chicken. We came home around 10-that is about the time that Anderson and Keaton went outside to burn some paper. These children!

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