January 16, 2024

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  • I was a bit concerned about how this school day was going to go since yesterday was a holiday, and there is still snow on the ground. It was surprisingly well. It did take my quite a few times to wake up Anderson-that boy just sleeps hard.
  • I did my reading with the little three, and then they started on school. Whitman's math changed today-he has been working with fractions (9 2/4 - 6 6/7), but today his math changed to beginning algebra things (3x=15). Well, he blew through this in no time at all. He finished so quickly, that he and Keaton finished almost all of tomorrow's school as well by 1 this afternoon. 
  • Since school kids are out of school, Reagan didn't have to go to her tutoring today. She has a cold so she probably shouldn't go anyone. They aren't sure about work tomorrow, but Robby said that he would drive them. I would think that Graham would want to get out of the house tomorrow since he does easily get bored.
  • And seriously, all of those times that we went to the store last weekend, we weren't prepared. We do go through a lot of food, and you can't have back ups for everything since you just don't know how quickly we will eat everything. On today's list I have added-milk (we have some left), eggs (we are out but Campbell did drop one today), shredded cheese (none left-we did have quesadillas tonight which uses a lot but now I can't make mac and cheese tomorrow), tortillas (used those up tonight), and salt (we have some, but it is in my bag for a Sunday school craft project.) Don't worry about us though, we still have enough food to survive for the next 2 weeks.
  • Everyone has been outside today at some point except for Reagan. This evening Whitman, Campbell, and Graham walked through the woods a bit. Campbell and Whitman went first, but they didn't lose sight of the house. Graham came out later, and they ventured further away. 
  • Anderson then came outside, and eventually people started coming in. When Anderson came in, I asked about Whitman since he had been out for almost 2 hours at this point. Finally, Robby had to call him in so he could warm up because he sure wasn't wearing the ski jacket or ski pants from yesterday. At least he did put clothes on top of his pajamas shorts.
  • There are clothes everywhere in the mudroom. I think about washing them, but then I figure we have at least one more day of this mess that someone might go outside. I will just wait until it is all over and then start washing or at least drying things.
  • We had our quesadillas for supper, and Campbell already made cookies this afternoon so I don't think that there will be any cooking tonight. Quite a few of us played a game of Apples to Apples this evening, so now the Hogs are playing basketball, and I may take a nap before bedtime.

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