January 3, 2024

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  • I was a little stressed last night about how smoothly today was going to go. Thankfully, everything went well-there were no tears or gnashing of teeth. We all survived, and everyone was pretty flexible with all of their new school things happening.
  • I woke up before everyone else and started making a bit of noise in hopes that the kids would wake up-of course that didn't happen. I only had to go upstairs 3 different times to make sure that they were out of bed. 
  • I read with the little 3 while the big boys worked. Reagan isn't doing any classes at home this semester so she hasn't started school yet. And please don't be surprised to learn that Reagan was still in the bed as the rest of us did school work.
  • I believe that everyone was finished with their school work by noon this morning. I did have to do spelling with Whitman after lunch, but that was fine. Campbell eventually found a friend's house to go to so I took her over there.
  • Then I met Robby to fill up the car with gas. Afterwards, I ran into Kroger to pick up a few things. And once at home, I took Bentley on a little walk-when she saw the house, I think that she tried to pull me on to make her walk longer. 
  • Robby picked up a bit of supper, but then we also made some orange chicken to supplement. Whitman and I did some baking as well. We tried to make Texas Road House Rolls-they are rising the second time right now so I am not sure exactly how well they are going to turn out. I'm crossing my fingers!

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