January 12, 2024

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  • It was an early start to the morning this morning since Robby and Campbell left around 7:30 to head to the Nutrition Center. We were all probably a little more tired due to the tornado warning late last night. The kids were all still awake, but I guess Robby and I were the only ones who heard the sirens.
  • He checked the weather and watched it until we were in the all clear. I was kind of dreading having everyone come downstairs, but since it was never close, we didn't have to do that. However, the kids were all awake so I guess it wouldn't have mattered.
  • Now there is one plus about the storms last night, Bentley gets pretty snuggly. She never really cares much about us unless we have food, but when it storms she doesn't leave our side at all during the night.
  • Robby and Campbell were home at a decent time today-around 4, I guess. The day went well except when they had to go to the hospital for a few last tests-they were a bit slow. Reagan through Campbell all participated in a nutrition study when they were tiny, and this was the last study visit.
  • Robby took Campbell today, and he is even going to let her have his portion of the study visit money so she was a bit excited about her windfall-even though the day was long.
  • And not having everyone here, made the day a bit long for me as well. I woke Anderson and Graham up at 10, but I never saw Keaton or Whitman until after lunch. And the first time I saw Reagan was when she headed to work with Graham.
  • They were able to come home from work super early because they had finished their work. This gave them a bit more time to pack because Reagan, Anderson, and Graham headed to the lodge for their winter weekend retreat with the youth. 
  • After dropping them off, Robby had a mystery shop which we ate for supper. Then we came home and visited with the Wilsons and ate some of Keaton's homemade cookies. 

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